Ari Barrios

I was extremely happy with the law firm services on my home closing. Torrens was able to strategically resolve title issues and get us into our dream home. 

Micheal and

Yessie Curbelo 

Luis and his team are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. We have successfully used his firm to represent us in two different real estate transactions. Thank you for making the legal process easy and helping us buy the house of our dreams.

Cari Bentancourt 

As an investor I have sent multiple closings to Torrens law firm and Luis has prepared for me all my loan documents.  I have successfully made business transactions and increase my portfolio with his help. 

Yvette Camacho and

Alex Puig  

Torrens law has handled litigation cases for us as well as negotiating leases and handling our closings. Great service and great staff.  Everyone was efficient and knowledgeable.  The firm is responsible and cares about its clients. 

Alex Crespi 

Luis Torrens and his wonderful staff at Torrens Law Firm have helped me to close over 20 real estate transactions in the las 5 years.  They are always professional and attentive and have made a positive impact in my ability to get deals closed on time.

Vanessa and

Albert Aleman

Torrens law firm had a great turn around time.  Luis Torrens was able to troubleshoot title issues efficiently.   I was happy to hire an attorney.  My prior experiences with non lawyer title companies was not good.  This was very different.  For once I felt that I was protected in the transaction.