What We Do

Torrens Law Firm focuses on the practice of Family Law Litigation, Real Estate and
Corporate Transactions and Litigation.  
Torrens Law Firm has represented numerous Family Law matters including Dissolution of
Marriage and Establishment of Paternity rights making sure that every aspect is fair and
consistent with the law and the client’s rights in the Family proceedings including time
share, child support, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, alimony, and the
availability of attorney fee awards. Torrens Law Firm also provides representation for
settlement of your matter prior to filing of a law suit or during the law suit. We always try to
be conservative with spending fees and get you a resolution as efficiently as possible and
so as to promote peacefulness and stability in your final family matter outcome.

Torrens Law Firm offers personal attention to every client and transaction and tailors the
closings to the client, taking into account the client's specific needs and goals.  Torrens
Law Firm
always has a Florida Licensed Attorney review all Real Estate Transactions and
that attorney is the signatory of your Property Policy.  Torrens Law Firm also provides
lending advise, lending/borrowing document preparation, and numerous other
documentation necessary to get your closing to completion. The best time to contact
Torrens Law is at the very beginning stages during negotiations.  We can go through the
entire Purchase and Sale Agreement and Contract Addendums with you prior to singing to
avoid locking yourself into an agreement that does not suit you.  Torrens Law can handle
all aspects of your Commercial and Private transactions. 
Our Firm has handled numerous Real Estate Litigation Matters for issues that arise during
all stages of the Real Estate Transaction, even issues that arise after the transaction has

Torrens Law Firm can prepare corporate transaction documents such as Partnership,
Corporate, Shareholder, and Asset Purchase and Sales Agreements for all business areas. 
Torrens Law provides a team of experienced legal attorney services for public and private
sectors.  Torrens Law Firm can provide sound legal advise from the beginning of your
transactions and throughout your Companies growth.  The Firm takes into account your
risks and always works to minimize them.  The Firm has represented numerous clients in
both transaction, drafting of contracts, and litigation.